Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Recipes from Aunty Marie

Yesterday was a good day for the family recipe book project.

Another feature I wanted to incorporate in to the book was a small (one page) feature on the role the Edmonds Cookbook has played in our (cooking) lives. The Edmonds is so popular in New Zealand that there is an average of TWO COPIES PER HOUSEHOLD. So what I thought I’d do was list all the copies we have in the extended family, and then the recipes included in our family recipe book that came from those different editions. The editions make a difference, because for instance, Gran Schroder’s 1955 copy was all imperial measurements. The 1980 edition is by far the most popular version resulting in a more ‘homemade’ style of food while the more recent editions are not found to be so idiot-proof.

So far I had:
1955 edition – owned by Gran Schroder. We have several recipes from this version, mostly in the baking section.
1980 edition – owned by Mum and also Sue & Jim. We have quite a few recipes from this version.
1998 edition – I was given this copy when I first left home and went flatting. As it has been kept at Mum’s house (and she prefers the 1980 version) there are no recipes from this in our book.
2002 edition – Steve and I were given this when we got married. There are a few recipes from this version in the book.
2011 edition - Steve and I bought this when we thought we'd lost our 2002 edition. We haven't included any recipes from this one.

So I got an email from Nana Burland telling me that she originally had an older copy which she’d given to her daughter-in-law Rhonda in Australia. Now she uses a 1992 edition (because you can’t NOT have an Edmonds cookbook!). Also, she said her daughter Sue had a copy of the 1980 edition. That edition was really popular! So that’s awesome. I don’t have any recipes from the 1992 edition, but that’s okay.

Then Rhonda emailed me to let me know that the copy Nana Burland gave her was a 1976 edition. No recipes from that either, but good to add to the list. :)

Then Andrea advised that her copy is actually a FIRST EDITION Edmonds MICROWAVE cookbook. It came out in 1989 and she was given it for Christmas 1989 from Mum & Dad. Very cool! Will have to see if she can recommend any recipes from it.

I emailed Steve’s Uncle Jon & Aunty Marie to see if they had a copy, and Marie came back and told me that their version is the 2004 edition. Then she gave me FIVE recipes for the book! Not from the Edmonds, but just five recipes she wanted included. YAY!!!!! Totally made my day! Lol

They were:
Pork Tenderloin - ’We love this!’
Meat Dumplings - ’This one is a family favourite, tasty and not expensive to make. It is essentially a meat dumpling served on rice with a broth type sauce.’
Nigella Lawson’s Peanut Butter Cups – ’This is one I make each Christmas, or for special occasions. Everyone loves these, it doesn’t matter if you don’t usually like peanut butter.’
Kai Si Min - ’It tastes basically like the filling they put in spring rolls, but nicer (not greasy!). Very cheap, but filling, and absolutely yummy dinner. I believe that pretty much everyone was making it back in the seventies.’
Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire Puddings - ’I tried this the other week and it turned out absolutely perfect! Impressed the family and a guest.’

Yay! This project just keeps getting better and betterer. lol

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