Friday, 28 January 2011

Recipes from Uncle Ken

I got a letter from Uncle Ken (my great-uncle) last night with two recipes. One was for ‘Ken’s tasty war time treat’ which he made up in WWII when food was in pretty short supply and they used anything they could get to make a tasty snack. It’s basically fried potato, onions and cheese, served on toast. I said to Steve that it was a lot like bubble & squeak – a way of using leftovers to make a new meal. The other recipe was for Wellingborough Hock & Dough which he said his mother taught him. It doesn’t sound particularly appetizing to me (it’s basically sliced ham, sliced onion, sliced potato, surrounded by pastry, baked slowly in the oven), but it's not supposed to be a recipe book of MY favourites, it's supposed to be a recipe book of family favourites and heirloom recipes - and this certainly fits that description!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Recipes from Aunty Barbara and Greg

When Mum and Andrea caught up with the family in Sydney, they had a bit of a cook-off just to get photos for my recipe book. How cool is that?! I got the photos of Andrea's chicken & vege tortellini soup when she came back, and I already had the recipe. Today I got the photos and recipes for Aunty Barbara’s sausage rolls, and my cousin Greg’s stir fry.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Recipes from Aunty Sally

I received five recipes in the mail today from my Aunty Sally. Three of the recipes were cut out of magazines, mostly old ones (they had the dates at the bottom). One was cut off the back of a packet and the other was a hand written recipe for pilaf. Including the two she sent for Andrea’s 30th birthday recipe scrapbook, I now have seven to put under her name in the book. :)

Fran's Yorkshire Puds

Lynda sent me an email today with a recipe for Yorkshire Puddings that she got from her boyfriend's sister Fran. They ate them on Christmas Day and Lynda said they were delicious. Mmm, I love Yorkshire Puddings! I have photos of Lynda and Fran together at Christmas to go with the recipe, as well as a picture of the Yorkshire Puddings themselves.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mexican Dip

Lynda sent me an email today with a recipe for Mexican Dip. When I first told Lyn about the recipe book, she immediately said she wanted to put this dip recipe in it. Apparently she tried it at a friend’s party and just ended up standing next to it all night, munching away! Actually, it looks delicious. I’m very tempted to try it myself….for research purposes of course. He he he…