Friday, 28 January 2011

Recipes from Uncle Ken

I got a letter from Uncle Ken (my great-uncle) last night with two recipes. One was for ‘Ken’s tasty war time treat’ which he made up in WWII when food was in pretty short supply and they used anything they could get to make a tasty snack. It’s basically fried potato, onions and cheese, served on toast. I said to Steve that it was a lot like bubble & squeak – a way of using leftovers to make a new meal. The other recipe was for Wellingborough Hock & Dough which he said his mother taught him. It doesn’t sound particularly appetizing to me (it’s basically sliced ham, sliced onion, sliced potato, surrounded by pastry, baked slowly in the oven), but it's not supposed to be a recipe book of MY favourites, it's supposed to be a recipe book of family favourites and heirloom recipes - and this certainly fits that description!

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