Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chapter headings

I've been making some good progress on the recipe book project lately, scrapping more of the recipes ready for the book. I decided that I would do a 'title page' for each 'chapter' of the book, with a quote from a family member. Some of the quotes we've got are so good, but don't relate to a particular recipe. Like Poppa Pete's one about his mum's cooking. So I'm working on getting one for each chapter. This is where I'm at so far...

Starters & Snacks


Main Meals

Side Dishes



Condiments & Sauces
I might see if I can get a quote from Jim about his aioli or hummus for this one.



Special Occasions

I might ask Rhonda to give me a quote for this, so I have a Burland quote. That will help even it all out, so each part of the family is in there. :)

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