Monday, 7 May 2012

Queen Pudding

I got a recipe from Nana Burland finally. Yay! I emailed her and asked if she had anything she wanted to contribute. Told her Mike had given me a couple, including one for Golden Syrup Dumplings (which she used to make for her kids). She came back with a recipe for Queen Pudding. Yay! So pleased to have a contribution from her. Although I have more than enough recipes, I like to know that there's a little bit of everyone in the book. There's still a few outstanding people who haven't contributed - Uncle Dale, most of the cousins except Greg and Brooke, and most of the Northampton rellies except Uncle Ken, but at least we have every part of the family covered. :) Aunty Dorothy is going to email a recipe for a self saucing chocolate pudding too, and hopefully, the story behind the Worms & Eyeballs recipe. I'm so pleased everything is still going along well. It has been more than a year since I started the project, and I'm still getting recipes coming in, but I just love it. I love everything about this project. :D

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