Monday, 14 February 2011

My Great-Grandmother's Recipes

Carla (Dad's cousin's daughter) emailed me some recipes tonight. They are my great-grandmother (my dad's paternal grandmother)'s recipes. One is for cheese paste, which apparently came about as a result of her never owning a refrigerator in her entire life, and a selection of homemade wine recipes. She also had her grandmother (my great-aunt)'s recipe book, and a contribution or two from herself and her mum. How cool is that?! And my Aunty Barbara is now in possession of hers and Nanny (my grandmother)'s recipe book, which my late uncle's wife sent her from Canada. They're going to post it to us so we can go through it and scan anything we want before sending it back. We're pretty keen to see what was in Nanny's book. She was pretty well known for her baking, but she died before my sisters and I were born, so it's like a little bit of history coming alive for us. :)

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