Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Recipes from Poppa Pete

Today we went over to Poppa Pete's. It was the first time we'd seen him since Christmas. We had a chat and spent a bit of time just catching up, then we asked Poppa Pete if he had any recipes he wanted to contribute. He started off giving us a few of his, then, wonder of wonders, he brought out Granny Rhodes (his mother)'s recipe book and Granny Booth (Nana Rose's mother)'s recipe book. AWESOME!! Nana Rose had written a few down too, so we got some of hers as well. It was so great. SO great. :) Check this out - this is the front page of Granny Rhodes' recipe book:
And, I thought it was funny, we found this 'recipe' for knitted bed socks in there!!
From Poppa Pete: Boiled Fruit Cake Butter Chicken With Yoghurt - 'This is another one that I make that I love.' Caramel or Chocolate Dairy Food Cake Chocolate Truffles Chopped Chicken Livers & Mushrooms Christmas Cake - with a photo of his 2010 version! Coconut & Cinnamon Cake Countryman's Kidneys - 'One of my favourite recipes for kidneys.' Date & Ginger Cake Distinction Pie (from the Speights Southern Man Cookbook!!) Fish a la Mariniere Glazed Salmon with Mustard Dill Sauce Honey Glazed Lamb Iced Biscuits Krunch Moggy Sponge Mushroom & Tomato Scramble on Eggs Mustard Crusted Lamb with Couscous Oat Squares Pancetta Wrapped Chicken Thighs Parkin Pear Pastries - 'This is a beaut dessert. I have tried this, it is a cracker!' Piggy Head Brawn - 'This is a good one. I don't do this anymore as it is a hassle for just one person.' Pineapple & Vanilla Slices Powder Puffs Rolled Oat Shortbread Sauce & Glaze for Spare Ribs Scones Shepherd's Pie (also from the Speights Southern Man Cookbook!) - 'I made that, and it was good.' Treacle & Raisin Sponge Victoria Sandwich Cake Wholemeal Fruit Loaf Yoghurt Recipe (for a cake made by measuring the ingredients out with a yoghurt pottle!) Yorkshire Parkin From Nana Rose: After Dinner Mints Apricot Mould Be-Ro Krunchies Biscuits Blue Band Sponge Sandwich Cake Boiled Choko Bottled Beetroot Carrot Cake Cheese Cakes Chelsea Buns Chicken Pie Chocolate Cake Chocolate Crispies Chutney Elderberry Wine Energy Bar Fruit Punch Ginger Bread Gingerbread Biscuits Herbed Zucchini in Cream (found written on the back of a pantyhose packet!!) Honey Nut Cakes Macaroni Bake Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce My Cheesecake Nutties Pavlova Pickled Gherkins Pikelets Plastic Icing (white icing) Plum Sauce Rhubarb Crumble (found written on the back of a Christmas card!) Rum Butter Russian Fudge Savoury Omlette Schnapper Baked Spice Biscuits Spicy Meatballs with Rice Sweet Delicious From Granny Rhodes: Almond Cake Almond Snaps Apple Snow Apricot & Pineapple Jam Australian Shortbread Banana Cream Belgium Cake Biscuits Blackcurrant Jam Bottled Beans Bottled Peaches Bottled Pears Bottled Tomatoes Brandy Snaps Butter Sponge Cake Cake With Apple Sauce Caramel Toffee Cheap Toffee - 'This was the recipe she used for Plot Toffee for Guy Fawkes. We'd wrap it up in little cones of greaseproof paper and take it to the teacher in the morning. It'd make you chew for hours, good for shutting the kids up. Really stuck your teeth together.' Cheap War Cake Cheese & Tomato Paste for Sandwiches Cheese Custard Cheese Eggs Cheese Pudding Chocolate Biscuits Chocolate Icing Chocolate Jelly Chocolate Sandwich Chocolate Truffles Christmas Cake Christmas or Birthday Cake with Almond Icing Christmas Pudding Chutney Cinnamon Coffee Cake Coconut Cake Cream Cream Cheese Cream Filling Cream Salad Dressing Crunchies Custard Kisses Dainty Pudding Dandelion Wine - 'Dandelion Wine, Elderberry Wine, flippin' Parsnip Wine! She'd make anything in to wine. Some turned out rubbish, some were dynamite.' Delicious Biscuits Egg Biscuits Egg Nog Biscuits Eggless Cake Farmhouse Cake Filling for Chocolate Cake Firelighters Fish Cakes Fish Pie Four Currant Loaves Fruit Fool Ginger Biscuits Ginger Nuts Ginger Wine Grapefruit Marmalade Ground Rice Cheese Cakes Harvo Bread - 'Harvo was a proprietary recipe, made by a company, sold in special little loaves. God knows how she got the recipe.' Honeycomb Ice Box Cookies Iced Biscuits Jelly Jordon Cake Krunch Lemon Cheese Lemon Curd Lemonade Macaroons Marmalade Marzipan Meringues Mincemeat Minties Mock Cream Nice Fish Dish Oat Cakes Orange Cake Pavlova Cake Piccalilli Pound Cake Quaker Oat Biscuits Quaker Oat Cake Queen Cakes Quick Raspberry Jam Quick Strawberry Jam Raised Meat Pie Raisin Scones Rice Cake Rolled Oat Biscuits Salad Cream Sausage Croquettes Scones Scotch Eggs Scotch Pastry Shortbread Shortcake Shrewsbury Biscuits Snap Closure Bottling Sponge Cake Sponge Parkin Sponge Roll Sponge Sandwich Strawberry Jam Stuffed Plaice & Shrimp Sauce Filling Sweets Tea Biscuits Tomato Chutney Tomato Pickle Tomato Sauce Trifle Vegetable Salad Vegetable Soup Very Nice Sweet Cake Walnut Chocolate Drops Walnut Sponge Cake Wartime Butter Wartime Dog Biscuits (these are really dog biscuits, not a funny name for a recipe!) Wartime Lemon Cheese Wartime Salad Cream Wartime Sweet Cake Wedding or Birthday Cake Yeast Cake Yeast Spice Cake Yorkshire Parkin - 'We always had Yorkshire Parkin and Plot Toffee on Guy Fawkes.' From Granny Booth: Apple Crumble Apple Crumble Pudding Apple Surprise Tart Cherry Cake - I have this written in Granny Booth's handwriting, Nana Rose's handwriting, Poppa Pete's handwriting and even Steve's handwriting. Obviously a popular family recipe!!! College Pudding Cream Horns Curd Tarts Date & Walnut Cake Dundee Cake Fish with White Wine & Mushroom Sauce Flakey Pastry Flan Pastry Ginger Biscuits Ginger Bread Ground Rice Tarts Lemon Meringue Pie Oat Biscuits Shortbread Shortcrust Pastry Sponge Flan Walnut Cake And a few that were accredited to others: Betty's Christmas Cake - Betty Stephenson Cherry Cake - Mary Steele (Nana Rose's grandmother!!) Economical Cake Recipe - Kath (not sure if this is Nana Rose's sister Kathleen or Poppa Pete's sister-in-law Kath) Eggless Ginger Cake - Ann Rhodes (this is Poppa Pete's grandmother!!) Ginger Bread - Mary Steele Ginger Pudding - Kath Mary's Chocolate Cake - Mary Welch (Sue's sister & Steve's aunt) Potted Meat - Geoffrey (not sure if this is Uncle Jon's son Geoffrey or just some random unknown man) Sand Cake - Ann Rhodes Susan's Devils Food Cake - Susan Rhodes (have photos of Jim making this for the kids birthday this year!) - 'Is a good recipe. Really good.' Tomato Sauce - Betty Stephenson (Poppa Pete's sister) I was so pleased and excited that when we got home from Poppa Pete's, I went through our recipes and got the ones we'll be contributing. :) Steve: Banana Lemon Cake - with a photo of the one he made me to take to work that says 'Happy Birthday DollyB' on it. Ha ha! Devils Food Cake - an Eves Pantry recipe that unfortunately makes 18 cakes. Not 18 servings but 18 whole cakes. lol That's the problem with commercial baking recipes. But I have a picture of my 21st cake which was made using that recipe to go with it, and it's neat to include as part of Steve's baking history. Apparently they sold it to Starbucks, so if you bought Devils Food Cake in NZ, this was what you were buying... Chocolate Cake - this is his most popular recipes and I have photos of about seven different cakes to go with this one!! Sweetcorn Fritters Pancakes Bacon & Egg Pie Banana Cake Melting Moments Lemon & Yoghurt Cake Sachertorte Biscotti Christmas Fruit Mix Christmas Mince Pies Christmas Cake Elle: Jamie Oliver's Winter Pudding Bombe - we made this and took it to the belated Christmas dinner we had at Sue & Jim's, so I have lots of photos of the kids and I making it. :) Spring Rolls - not sure about putting these in, but I have photos of the kids making them! Sushi - another one I'm not sure about putting in, but I have photos of! Toad In The Hole - this is a Gordon Ramsay book from the book Lynda bought me, and I have photos of it too! Beef Olives

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