Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Recipes from Mum and Andrea

Yesterday I went up to Mum's, planning to borrow her rollerblades (Mum and I have the same size feet). Unfortunately when the kids and I got up there, it was bucketing down with rain. So definitely no outdoor activities. I figured that since I was up there, and stuck inside, I'd go through Mum's cookbooks with her and get recipes for my Family Recipe Book project. I got HEAPS!! Some are even from a cookbook of Nanny's...
I got... Stuffed eggplant with pesto - a WW recipe Chicken & sundried tomato snack - WW Veal steaks with lemon & rosemary sauce - WW Chicken Tzatziki - WW Watermelo jelly - WW Potato, leek & bacon soup - WW Apple & Fruit Sponge Pudding - 'A perennial favourite of the Maud family - apples or apples and berries or apples and rhubarb.' Stuffed Marrow - 'I was often given marrows from excess grown by friends. I used to fill them with a bacon, tomato & onion mixture and top with cheese & breadcrumbs. Was another dinner party favourite.' Meat pie - 'Was one of Dick's favourites. I would make the pastry and he would make the meat filling.' Apple pie Christmas mince pies Neenish tarts - 'Another favourite.' Louise cake - 'A favourite of Dick's.' Cheese cakes - 'They don't have any cheese in them! But are delicious little cake filled tarts.' Chilli jam - 'I got this recipe from Maggie. She was making the jam when I visited and gave me a jar of it with the recipes.' White bread Croissants (need to find the photo of Steve making these for Christmas breakfast) Raisin & nut bread Blue Mountain Broccoli - 'Always a hit.' Mixed herb dumplings - 'Dick likes these. :)' Chicken & mushroom casserole Beef cobbler Chocolate orange biscuits Whole oat slices Old fashioned lardy cake - 'One of Pop's favourites from his childhood. His mother used to make it. Lard used to be a commodity in reasonable supply then, though frowned upon these days.' Butterfly or Angel Cakes Ginger Beer - 'My mother used to make ginger beer, and store it in the cupboard in the kitchen. Occasionally a bottle or two would explode, but it was delicious.' Spiced lamb kebabs with coleslaw - WW Athenian mince - 'I used to make this when I first got married.' Pork, noodles & broccoli stirfry - WW Grilled lamb cutlets with red currant jelly sauce - WW Hot cross buns - have a photo of Mum & Callum making these - 'Used to make these on Good Friday every year, often using fresh yeast.' Honey muesli - 'Honey muesli is a great way to start the day!' Christmas Pudding - 'I used to make this every year until we got hold of Granny Hancock's recipe.' Colonial Goose - 'A New Zealand classic. I once made it for catering a Playgroup dinner and had five legs of lamb boned. I served it with stuffed baked potatoes (stuffed with a tomato, bacon and onion mix and topped with cheese).' Milles Fuelles slices - 'We called these Match Sticks. Easy to make and really styly.' Meatloaf Baby pecan pies - 'Was from a Jo Seager TV series. Always useful for taking a plate.' Apricot loaf - 'Easy and delicious.' Lemon loaf - 'A good standby.' Courgette slice - 'This recipe was given to me by Leanne Jackson when I worked at Sellars & Co solicitors. The kids always enjoyed it, and it was a good way to get them to eat courgettes.' Boiled fruit cake - 'This recipe was off the back of a packet of mixed fruit. It was given to me by my mother-in-law when I was first married because Dick liked it. Often it would be half eaten before it was cold. I used to double the mixture and make two or three cakes.' Port & prune truffles - 'Another Jo Seager recipe taken from her TV series. I ring the changes by using citrus prunes and Cointreau.' Flummery - 'Bev Richardson used to make this when I was about five and it was always a favourite.' Rare fillet of beef with green sauce - 'A recipe from a competition in Wellsford run by Halls Electrical about 1992. I have made the green sauce lots and it's delicious.' Pumpkin & lentil soup - 'Yum!' Thai fish salad - 'Make this all the time.' Fish with lemon & Caper sauce Pulled taffy - 'Our kids can remember making this with me when they were young.' Spiced apple shortcake - 'Always a favourite.' Egg n crumbed fish - 'Fish fingers are popular with kids and these ones we knew that they were all fish. Kids loved them.' Cho kanjang - 'Found while researching for our trip to South Korea. Dick and I really like it.' Lemon cheesecake - 'Contributed this to a book I was involved in creating to raise money for Korean charities during our stay in Korea (2008).' Dukkah - 'Used to serve this dukkah with breads and dips at the restaurant (Bardz Brasserie in 2004).' Pan fried lemon chicken - WW Chicken & mushroom scallopine - WW Fish & potato pie - WW potato cakes - 'Used to make them all the time.' Steamed thai chicken rolls - WW And I got a couple from Andrea too: Andrea & Rita's mulled wine Chicken & vegetable curry - 'Andrea made this and it was so delicious.' Cajun chicken with lime, tomato & avocado - 'One of Andrea's favourites to make, especially nice on the BBQ.' Coconut ice - with a photo of Andrea selling it at Calf Club Day! Chicken, vege & tortellini soup - WW - 'I made this for dinner when Mum was sick. She needed a light, clear soup. It was so delicious that we've had it many times since. It's one of the few I cook (Mum usually cooks!).' I must put Dad's avocado/sour cream recipe in there too. So simple and so delicious! Overall, I was delighted with that! LOTS of recipes for my Family Recipe Book. Awesome!! One very happy Elle. :)

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