Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day High Tea with Allyson Gofton

For Mother's Day, I paid for Mum, Sue and I to have high tea at the Heritage in town. They had a guest speaker which was chef Allyson Gofton. She spoke about her mum and the things her mother cooked, and about the importance of putting good, decent food on the table. 'It doesn't have to be restaurant quality, it doesn't have to look fancy. Most people fondly remember 'Mum's roast chicken' or 'Mum's Irish stew', they don't care what it looked like, they cared that you made it and it tasted good. Let's get back to that time of just putting good decent food on the table.' She spoke about her new book which is a recipe journal and about the importance of recording not just your recipes and your mum's recipes, but also the memories that go with those meals. Afterwards, Allyson was signing copies of her books. Mum bought a copy of her new Recipe Journal and had it signed, and Sue bought a copy of one of her other books and had it signed for Jim. I took along some of my pages from my work on my family recipe book and showed them to her. She was delighted and when I asked if she would write a short foreword for the book, she agreed straight away. I've left her with my address, so will look forward to receiving that. :) We got to take home a goodie bag with one of Allyson's recipes and the ingredients to make them - flour, baking powder, sugar, chocolate melts, vanilla, coffee and even dishwashing liquid.

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