Saturday, 19 March 2011

Chilli Jam & Bonfire Tuatuas

Spent the day at Sue & Jim's today. Jim made chilli jam while we were there, so I took photos for the recipe book. The chilli jam is sort of an alternative to sweet chilli sauce. Very nice. We ended up taking a jar home, as well as having it on our chicken burgers for dinner. Steve made blackberry & apple crumble for dessert using blackberries the kids picked. Sue gave me a recipe for Bonfire Tuatuas for the recipe book. She said it'd be pretty hard to ever make them again due to fire regulations against having bonfires on the beach, but 'they were a part of our family history' and hey, that's what the book is all about. She even gave me photos of Steve from 1980 (a very tiny Steve!) to go with the recipe. Apparently they made these Bonfire Tuatuas while camping at Kennedy Bay in 1980 and the photos are from that camp, although there is no bonfire or tuatuas in the photos - there is a beach though. :)

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